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Frequently Asked Questions
Sales Questions
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Shipping Questions
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For information on our custom print souvenirs and promotional items please click here.

Sales Answers

What are your products Made out of? Due to the wide range of products we carry all products list the material they are made out of in the specifications section of the product description. Please feel free to contact us concerning any question you may have about our product line.  Top of page

What Payment Methods do you accept? We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Paypal. We do apologize but we no longer off C.O.D as a payment method. Top of page

Do I need to have a sales tax number to purchase your products? Any company or organization within the state of Pennsylvania must provide us with a copy of your Pennsylvania sales tax license to prove your tax exempt status. If you are not located within the state of Pennsylvania we do not require a sales tax license to purchase from us. For customers not in the state of Pennsylvania at times we may require that tax exempt information be provided to us before we can ship your order. Top of page

Do you charge a membership fee to purchase products from your company? Do you charge handling fees on the orders I place? We do not charge membership or handling fees. You only pay for the merchandise and the shipping cost. Top of page

What is your minimum order? Our Minimum order is $50.00 not including freight. Please note you may mix as many items as you like to meet the minimum.  Top of page

Can I use the product pictures on your website? Yes, all customers purchasing from us are more than welcome to use our photos the only thing we ask is that you do not link directly to our web site. Top of page

Do you have a Catalog? We do apologize but at this time we do not offer a printed catalog of our products. Due to our constantly changing inventory and the regular new product introductions a printed catalog is just not possible. We take great care in making sure our web site is always up to date with our current inventory. Updates are made daily to reflect changes in inventory and new arrivals. We currently run on a 95% fill rate for all orders place online. You can order from our website with confidence knowing that the products you have ordered you will receive. Top of page

Can I mix items to receive the case discount? All of the case discounts offered are based on actually solid master case packs from the factory. Many of which already come assorted, which is denoted in the item description. While we do carry many design that are very similar each individual design or assortment has it own special packaging. Many items that have a similar design, size and item numbers may not be interchangeable. So we do apologize but we can not offer case discounts on mixed item numbers. Top of page

In the item description is says 2 asst is the price for both? Many of our items come in assorted cases where there are multiply styles of a design in a case pack. This is noted in our description to let customer know how a master case of any product is packed. If any item is listed as two assorted or three assorted and you see each listed next to the price this would be the price for each individual piece. This would not be the combined price for the two or three different designs. If you have any question concerning pricing please feel free to contact us. Top of page

The item is listed as assorted can I pick which design I receive? We do apologize but in order to be fair to all of our customers and to keep our case packs even we are unable to allow customers to pick which design they receive. However if you order by the assortment will make our best effort to ship the assortment. Custom imprinted products are excluded from this policy due to the specific color requirements for artwork and branding.  Top of page

 Do you have a warehouse or showroom I can visit? We do apologize but our warehouse is not open to the public for purchases or pickups. Top of page

Do you drop ship? We no longer offer our drop shipping services and have discontinued our drop ship program. However by request we can ship to your customer. These orders must meet our minimum order requirement of $50.00 per location as well as any other individual product requirements. All of our standard policies and terms apply. No policy exceptions will be made on drop ship orders under any circumstances. If you are choosing to drop ship a custom imprinted product you are responsible for handling the order with your customer. We are unable to work directly with your customer. Top of page
Do you ship to foreign countries? 
We offer international shipping to many countries worldwide through a partnership with Bongo International. Bongo International provides international customers with a US shipping address. How it works is we ship to the US address provided to you by Bongo International after that they handle all international shipping and brokerage for you. Payments from international customers are only accepted by Paypal and from verified accounts. For more details and to sign up please click the image below. 
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Shipping Answers

How much will shipping cost? Shipping is based on weight, box dimensions, and destination of the order. Each order is different depending on the items that are chosen. We do not know the exact shipping total till we package and weight the order. Our website will provide a courtesy quote during checkout. Your shipping cost should not exceeds this quote but if it does we will contact your before processing the order. If your shipping cost is less than the courtesy quote it will be corrected on your finale invoice.  Top of page

How long will it take to receive my order? Most non custom imprinted orders leave our warehouse within three business days but we do suggest that customers plan ahead as much as possible. During busy times of the year it may take up to five business days to process orders, all orders are pulled on a first come first serve basis. We do suggest that you allow for as much processing and delivery time as possible. Click here to see the estimated time it will take the freight carrier to deliver your order. This does not include the time needed to process your order before it is shipped or the shipping day. After you order is shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning shipping. Top of page

What does truck ship only mean? Some of our items due to their fragile nature are unable to be shipped buy UPS ground or FedEx. These items must be shipped on a pallet by a commercial trucking company (also referred to as LTL service or Freightliner). We do generally suggest a minimum order of five hundred dollars for truck shipments. All of our items can be shipped by LTL service, your order does not have to contain just truck ship only items nor are you required to buy a pallet of the same item. The minimum freight cost per pallet is between ninety dollars and one hundred and thirty dollars. Trucking freight is based on weight and location so cost will vary depending on these factors. For some larger orders LTL service may be a more practical solution than UPS or FedEx ground even if your shipment contains no items that are truck ship only. In some cases we may at our discretion chose LTL over UPS or FedEx ground. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Top of page

Why does my box weight less than what is says on my shipping label? As of January 1, 2015 shipping carriers changed the way in which they figure boxes for ground services. All packages shipped are now billed based on dimensional standards. The way in which a box's weight is figures is by multiplying the L x W x H and you divide by 166 and the remaining number is the billable weight if the actual weight is not higher. As much as 90% of our shipments fall under this classification due to the bulky light weight nature of our products. Our warehouse is taking all steps possible to pack order in ways to work around the new classification. Please feel free to contact us concerning any questions you may have concerning your shipping. Top of page

Why does it say my tracking number is invalid? Packages do not register till they are scanned in at the local center. Their may be a several hour delay from the time we close out our system and the boxes are scanned in. Normally with in a couple of hours this information will be updated and available to view. Top of page

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